måndag 4 juni 2007

Fuel cells operating on biogas

This is very interesting, in several ways.

It is one of the worlds first fuel cell systems where the biogas is used directly in the cell - without using a fuel reformer. The fuel cells are of the high-temperature type, and a provided by Acumentrics of the United States.
It is an interesting addition for small-scale, remote biogas systems. Even more interesting would be if the the system would be easily scalable, for industrial applications.

It is no coincidence that this takes place in Sweden, country of perhaps the world's most advanced biogas applications. This is partially a result of a quite advanced waste and wastewater management industry (which is a result of decades of strict legislation), government "climate change" project subsidies and and integration of the waste & energy sectors.

It is also interesting because it is installed in Hammarby Sjöstad, a part of Stockholm designed according to the Sustainable City concept. The area counts with several innovative and holistic solutions regarding waste management, energy, water and transport, such as energy from solar panels and a nearby wastewater & waste biogas plant, a car pool and a waste separation system. Although yet to prove itself as a real export success, the concept has drawn interest from countries around the world.

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