fredag 10 augusti 2007

Swedish aviation fuel cleanest in the world

The fuel AVGAS 91/96 UL from Swedish oil company Hjelmco Oil has been selected as the cleanest aviation fuel in the world, by Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Switzerland. "Clean", as in "low emissions", that is. There are other contenders, mostly based on natural gas. If similar technologies could be applied on coal, the economy could get even better.

Another question regarding the sustainability of aviation, is how to make use of renewable energy. Ethanol as an aviation fuel shows some promise. And where natural gas can be used, so can upgraded biogas. (A matter of time in Sweden?)
Hydrogen is not a sustainable alternative however, considering the current state of production technology. Far too much power is needed to produce sufficient quantities of fuel for long range flying.

Update 05/09:
Please check the comments regarding key difference between the fuels discussed in this post

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Anonym sa...

There is a big difference between
the Syntroleum fuel and the AGE 85 fuel and the Hjelmco AVGAS 91/96 unleaded fuel.
The Hjelmco fuel meets the current specification/standard for Aviation fuels ASTM D 910 and carries approval from the leading aircraft engine manufacturers in the world.
As such the Hjelmco fuel is a transparent fuel to the standard fuels -- just put it into the plane and fly.
There is no need for approvals from airworthiness authorities nor any need for special precautions or operating under certain provisions.