måndag 7 september 2009

A Rebound in Cleantech Investments?

The first half of this year has been much slower regarding investments in clean technologies and renewable energy projects, $294 million in the US in Q1 2009, compared to $1,8Bn in Q3 2008. Recently however, investments are increasing, reaching $540 in Q2 '09. A clear sign that the economy is recovering.

The lower activity is not necessarily only a bad thing; vc funds making deeper assessments before committing themselves will make the capital influx into the clean tech sector hopefully reach those who most deserve it, healthy, profitable companies with a feasible expansion plans. This will decrease the risk for creating bubbles. Many good ventures will however suffer, especially if they have not yet reached the commercial stage.
Ideally, increasing cleantech investments will be done with the scrutiny and careful analysis applied during the worst decline.

More in the Mercury and, regarding the Swedish situation, here

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